CMP Activities

CMP Report from April to June 2015
  • 01.04.2015- Orientation programme for Class I and Welcome Programme.
  • School Readiness programme for Class I  for four weeks.
  • Regular film show for class I to V are done.
  • Activities for FA-2 are done simultaneously.
  • Co- curricular Activities are done on each Wednesday.
CMP Report from July to September 2015
  • Computer lab  of Primary Section is being used by the teachers for Audio-Video teaching aids and used CFSI VCD’S, VCD’S  movies (supplied by KVS) to students to broaden mental- horizon & to develop a feeling of patriotisms among the students.
  • Teaching learning materials are made and used by all the subject teachers regularly.
  • Computer aided teaching time table is made and all the teachers are following it regularly and taking the classes to lab.
  • Story books are properly used during the library periods.
  • Formative Assesment –1 exam was conducted in the month of July.
  • Parents teacher meeting was done after FA-1 exam in the month of July.
  • SA-1 exam was conducted in the month of September 2015.
  • Hindi Pakhwara programme was conducted in the month of September. Different Activities like Poem recitation, Handwriting competition, Slogan writing competiton, Story telling competition, Antakshari competition were organized.
  • Regular CCA Activities are done on each  Wednesday.
  • Teacher’s day was celebrated on 4th  September 2015.
CMP Report from October to December 2015
  • A Parents Teacher Meeting was done on date 3.10.2015 after SA-1 exam.
  • Regular Teaching learning help materials are made and used by the teachers.
  • A community lunch is proposed in the second week of October 2015.
  • Different projects are made by the students with the help of the teachers.
  • Communication skills of the students are enhanced by the Spoken English teacher in all the classes
  • Activities of FA-4  are being done.
  • Proposed-
    • Grand Parents Day (November)
    • Bal Divas, Fancy Dress  competition (November)
    • Mini Sports Day (November)
    • Excursion (December)
CMP Report from January to March 2016
  • Proposed-
    • Health check up (January)
    • FA-3 exam (January)
    • P.T.M ( January)